DIY Network

The Hopkins Project

Episode DRVD-208L

Robert Hopkins and his son, Grayson, own a houseboat that leaks. Robert, a modern day pirate, is a tour guide in Charleston, South Carolina and has already let one summer go by without any work on the boat. His plan is to fix up the boat as a surprise for his son, including the leaky roof, but has no idea where the leak problem starts. After pulling down the ceiling Robert finds good news and bad. The structure of the house boat is in better shape than he thought but this job is going to require two people if any progress is to be made in three days. Grayson agrees to help his dad as long as it doesn't get in the way of the fraternity parties planned for the weekend. Robert, with occasional help from Grayson embarks on a weekend project in the ocean which starts with a good surprise and then descends into rising tides pulling the boat loose, a barge lifting off the top of the boat, gale force winds and torrential rains, all while trying to have a little father son time...AARG!


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