DIY Network

The Hinson Project

Episode DRVD-112

Shae Hinson has a major issue on his hands. He was tired of his kitchen, so he ripped out all of the cabinets, the stove and sink. The only problem is that Katie, Shae's wife, didn't know about the "project". After weeks of pleading with Shae to get the kitchen done, she and the kids have moved into his parent's house to get away from the mess. Determined to get his family under the same roof, Shae's decided that now's the time to finish the kitchen with Katie's help. So each morning she drives over, helps Shae and then leaves at night to take care of the kids. There's windows breaking, gas leaks, cabinets breaking and other calamities in store for Shae and Katie as they try to get their kitchen fixed.


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