DIY Network

A Man Space of His Own

Episode DRVD-303H

Tune In

  • February 01, 2014

    9:00 AM e/p

Mauricio De Lama recently bought a house with his girlfriend, Janette. She has decorated the entire house, leaving Mauricio living amongst a sea of pretty pillows and flowers. Needless to say, he is desperate to have his own 'man space' free of all the girlie decorations. Mauricio has enlisted his buddy Han Lee, to transform his boring, old garage into a 'Man Only Zone.' However, neither Mauricio nor Han Lee have ever lifted a hammer, let alone used a power tool. In fact, they have to call their friend Mike to borrow some tools, and his truck to haul the supplies needed. From the start, these guys don't have a clue about home renovation, and it shows. From insulation and drywall goofs to assistance on window framing over the phone, these guys prove that it's sometimes worthwhile to know a little about home renovation.


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