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The Cichon Project

Episode DRVD-309H

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  • February 22, 2014

    8:30 AM e/p

Stephen and Pam Cichon are an eclectic couple living in a 1920's pink stucco castle in St. Petersburg, Florida. Built to match the house, the garage is in desperate shape. The roof leaks like crazy, and the water damage has caused the support beams to bow and buckle. In other words, it could collapse at anytime. Even though Stephen has plenty of experience with this type of work, nothing can prepare him for the follies that ensue. From nearly collapsing through the roof and onto the concrete below, to some hired help that can't seem to live up to his standards, Stephen's renovation is full of mishaps. With his back feeling worse every day, Stephen is determined to push through-even if it means he can't move once the job is finished.


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