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Renovation Raiders: DIY Premiere! Wed., Nov. 27 at 11pm/10c Full Schedule
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Ninja Home Improvement

Amy Matthews and her crew race against the clock to remake rooms from top to bottom in the stealth remodeling series Renovation Raiders. See exclusive before-and-after and behind-the-scenes photos, videos and more at our sister site,

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Imagine the crew from Ocean's Eleven are contractors, and instead of a heist they are pulling off a major remodel — all while the homeowners are out to dinner. Just like in every caper film, our crew will need intel, a warehouse to mock up and practice the job, and time at the site without getting caught. Those homeowners better eat slow and order dessert!

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See Amy Matthews and the the Renovation Raiders in action. We've got video highlights right here at

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April 08, 10:00 am
Basement Library
April 08, 11:00 am
Zen Living Room
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