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Top Three Solar Greenovations

Use these solar products to go green on your next home improvement project.

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Greenovation is a term used for home renovations that reduce your carbon footprint and help our environment. A Greenovation can be as simple as buying sustainably grown lumber, or as complex as an off the grid home. Greenovate your home today with one of these three solar products and you can decrease your carbon footprint as well as your electric bill.

Motorized Skylights
If you're thinking of installing a skylight, then you might as well go all out! A motorized skylight can solve the problem with built up heat during warm weather. A properly placed skylight can maximize air flow throughout the home, decreasing temperature all the while decreasing your dependency on air conditioning. Best of all, it opens at the touch of a button!

Motorized skylights can provide a not only a simple solution to hard to reach skylights, they also have been incorporated with the computer, making motorized skylights one of the most efficient solar solutions on the market today.

With benefits like auto-closing rain sensors and thermostatical controls, a computer can automatically adjust the skylight opening when it is at its most efficient. This translates into a set and forget skylight that not only looks gorgeous, it helps save money as well.

Solar Tubes
If you can't afford to buy a motorized skylight, you can still afford to install a skylight system. A solar tube is a bubble shaped skylight that directs light down an extremely reflective tube to a flush light panel below. The benefit of this product is that it can be used virtually in any room and installed around bends, corners and in tight spaces conventional skylights would never work.

By bringing in natural light to an otherwise dark area, you're saving vast amounts of electricity. Other benefits such as passive heating and diffused solar lighting provides heat while preventing less UV's from entering your home, destroying light sensitive products like furniture and paint.

Flexible Solar Panels
This new and innovative solution to the bulky weight and price of standard solar panels, flexlight solar products are the future of solar panels. Easily added to metal roofs, shingles or membrane roofing, flexlight panels offer a cheap solution to any solar powered home project. Best thing about these solar products; they are not ugly additions to a roof. In fact they blend in so well, they have to be pointed out to be seen. With no breaking parts, no roof penetrations and no maintenance, these flexible solar panels have a 25 year warranty.

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