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Tool Storage Tips

Check out these tips for easy tool storage systems that can be easily installed on your own.

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tap mount tool storage system useful in garage

A great tool you can use to help with garage storage is a tap-mount tool storage system. It comes in 6', 4' and 2' sections and a variety of attachments that let you store practically anything. Here's how it works:

  • Using 2" screws, attach the brackets to studs in the wall. Each of the attachments have special hooks that fit into slots in the brackets and slide right in. It's called a tap mount because you gently tap the unit down to lock it into place. The pieces can be moved at any time by tapping them out. If you want to keep adding storage items, just keep adding brackets.

  • Another great tip for storage is to use two paint cans. Align one a few feet under the other on the wall. Take the top off and cut the bottom out of the top can, and leave the bottom can as is with the top off. Once both cans are mounted, you have a great place to store all your loose odds and ends, such as molding.

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