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Tips for Flooring and Stairs

These tips are helpful for installing and maintaining your floors and stairs.

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  • Installing high-quality chair glides on the feet of your chairs is a smart and inexpensive way to protect any hard flooring surface.

  • Did you know? Dust, pollen, dust mites and mold are all allergens that can live in your carpet. If allergies give you trouble, consider switching to wood floors in your bedroom and main living areas.

  • If you're short a small piece of flooring to make a repair, don't forget to check in closets and under appliances.

  • When you're attaching a stair tread with screws, a tighter fit can be achieved if you have someone stand on the tread while you drive screws into the riser.

  • Stair railings that curve at the top and bottom of the stairs add safety by providing visual and tactile clues that you are approaching the final step.

  • Paint stair spindles quickly by putting your hand in a plastic bag and covering it with an old sock. Dip your hand into the paint and wipe it over the spindles. You'll be finished in record time.