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The Look of the House: Other Exterior Finishes

DIY's Home IQ team continues to follow the Oberg family as they construct their new home. This article discusses the exterior details that add detail to the home.

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frieze board is added exterior detail

Exterior Finishes that Add Detail to the Oberg House

  • One exterior detail that's added is frieze board, which is used for both its look and function. Frieze board makes the overhang of the house look taller. When you stand on the street and look at the house the size is noticeable, especially with the cornice work. From a worker's perspective the frieze board is perfect because it can be caulked to the brick. After the brick goes up the frieze board sits on the face of the aluminum that's placed between the brick and the board. This helps with preventing air flow up into the attic — and more importantly the board helps keep bees, bugs and other pests from entering the attic and building nests.

  • In addition to the frieze boards, the fascia boards are also wrapped in aluminum, which is available in many colors and is maintenance-free.

  • The process for putting on the aluminum trim is a two-man effort. One man takes measurements and calls them off to his partner down on the ground, who in turn cuts the pieces of aluminum on a machine called a "break." Once he's finished he lifts the pieces up to his cohort.

  • Besides the aluminum trim, the two-man team is also responsible for the aluminum siding, which isn't actually aluminum at all but instead is called "cement board." This product is made from a combination of sand, cement and wood fiber. It's long-lasting and won't rot or crack.

When the cement board siding is up it has the look and feel of real wood. "It really looks like natural wood," Lynn said, "and the color works really well."

Note: Even though cement board is durable and maintenance-free, it does have to deal with water damage. So it's vital that the boards be primed and sealed on all sides before installation.



  • Bricks from PF Cook Brick Co. Inc.