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Modular Workstations

Workstations can either be custom built or purchased ready-made. Learn about modular workstations that can be adapted to fit nearly any work area.

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work stations are essential for the workshop

When outfitting a workshop with individual workstations, the stations can either be custom built or purchasing ready-made. This distinctive modular system can be adapted and expanded to fit nearly any work area. Each station has a solid work surface and plenty of storage to organize tools and supplies. It also incorporates a unique system for housing and interchanging bench top power tools.

This system is particularly well suited for a small workspace since it offers the flexibility of swapping out several tools while utilizing the same workstation. When finished with a bench top tool, it can be removed from the workstation and stored it in an adjustable tool-storage unit.

Here are some features and capabilities of the system:

Bench top tools, such as a miter saw, fasten firmly to MDF base inserts that sit securely in openings in the top of the workstation. Once the tool and insert are in place, the entire unit locks down so that it is immobile and steady. Since the inserts are MDF, they can be sanded to remove any scratches that might occur through use.

Each entire workstation is mobile as well. Each unit sits on casters and can be pulled out away from the wall and other stations for use in the center of the workshop, or any other location that's convenient.

When a particular tool is no longer being used, the tool -- along with the insert to which it is attached -- is simply unlocked and lifted off the workstation.

The removed unit can then be carried to the tool-storage rack, where the MDF insert slides into grooves inside the rack for secure storage. The grooves can be repositioned higher or lower to accommodate different sizes of tools. The rack unit is constructed of 18-gauge steel and comes with three adjustable inserts.