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Handyman Tool: QuickDriver

Host Paul Ryan demonstrates this week's handyman cool tool tip: a QuickDriver.

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If you want to make your next flooring or drywall projects to go quicker and easier, this is the tool for you — a QuickDriver.

  • The QuickDriver simply slips right on the end of a drill.

  • It allows you to attach a whole strip of screws, which is perfect for attaching drywall — each time you depress the head it will drive one screw into the drywall. Each one will be sunk to the perfect depth as well. You can put up one entire wall in no time.

  • Another job that takes a lot of screws that's perfect for the QuickDriver is putting on subflooring or decking. All you have to do is attach a QuickDrive extension that goes on the end of the drill. Tighten it down and you're ready. Once you put the screws in you don't have to bend over to do the work.