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Going In & Out: Garage Doors

DIY's Home IQ follows the Oberg family during the decision-making process of building this beautiful new home. In this article, the largest doors — the garage doors — are tackled.

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The Obergs' garage doors are so big that they want them to look just right from the street, especially since they aren't hidden from passersby. With a three-car garage they needed the two doors.

Since the doors are bigger, heavier and more fancy, the installation took a bit longer.

The installers began by staging all the materials in the garage and pre-assembling some of the parts they'll use later.

Next the concrete door openings were prepped so the doors will set correctly.

The door seals are nailed to the openings.

Assembly begins on the tracks.

The hardware is attached to the panels, and then they are set into place.

Once the panels are attached, the tracks are set, and a spring is used to lighten the load when the door is opened.

Once a spring loader is used to build tension in the spring, the door is ready for testing.



  • Lumber supplies from Adelman Lumber Co.