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Garage Door Maintenance Tips

The garage door is an important facet in a home. Learn the best ways to take care of your garage door with these basic maintenance tips.

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The garage door is probably the largest moving part around the house and of course it gets used a lot, so it is very important to keep it properly maintained.

  • First, check all the moving components of the door mechanism to make sure none are bent or broken.

  • Check and lubricate the rails and axels and make sure the axels are tight and secure. Lubricate the hinges, springs and rollers with light household oil.

  • Using a soft cloth, wipe down the door with a household detergent diluted with water. You can apply car wax to the door to keep it free of dirt and moisture.

  • On most garage door systems you can adjust the sensitivity of the door operation. Consult your manual to find out how.

  • Keep wooden doors painted inside and out, and caulk any cracks or gaps.

  • Check the weather sealant at the bottom of the door. If it is cracked or broken, it must be replaced.

  • Rust is a major enemy for any garage door. Yearly maintenance can help keep it away.