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Garage Door Buying Guide (page 5 of 9)

Garage doors can take up the bulk of your home's facade and be a big part of the curb appeal. Before you buy, learn about the options, cost and how well they are insulated.

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    All wood
    Architectural purists, rejoice. All-wood garage doors made from moisture-resistant cedar, redwood and cypress give you bragging rights for the best-looking garage in the neighborhood.

    Not as strong as steel nor as tough as fiberglass, wood still provides je ne sais quoi curb appeal like nothing else. Note, however, that even wood comes in various prices — and levels of quality. The best doors feature all-wood frames and panels.

    Opt for polystyrene backing to add insulating value. The prefinished stain options are beautiful.

    Heads up: Needs periodic refinishing.

    Insulating value: R-3 to R-6.

    Cost for a 16-by-7-foot double door, low quality: $400-$700; superior quality: $1,200-$4,000 and up.