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Garage Door Buying Guide (page 4 of 9)

Garage doors can take up the bulk of your home's facade and be a big part of the curb appeal. Before you buy, learn about the options, cost and how well they are insulated.

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    Premium-quality steel doors feature outer layers of heavy-gauge steel that's embossed to mimic wood grain or stucco. Overlays, such as moldings and cross-buck designs, give the look of carriage doors. Foam cores add strength and insulating values.

    Most steel doors can be purchased with factory-applied finishes. Although color choices are somewhat limited, these doors are virtually maintenance-free. Also, steel can be ordered primed, or painted to match house colors.

    Heads up: Steel can dent.

    Insulating value: R-6 to R-17

    Cost for a 16-by-7-foot double door: $750-$3,500.