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Cordless Nailer

Host Paul Ryan shares tips about using a cordless nailer to accomplish tasks around the home.

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using cordless nailer around the house

Cordless nailer -- Paul Ryan says a cordless nailer is great for raw construction sites or anyplace you don't have electrical outlets, etc. This nailer still has the power of a corded gun. The cordless nailer comes with a couple of great components: a fuel cell loaded with gas and a cordless battery that works just like a car engine.

For example, when you push down on the gun, a little bit of gas from the fuel cell is released up into a combustion chamber. When you pull the trigger, an electrical charge ignites the gas and sends the nail into the wood or whatever surface you're working with at the time.

The nailers come in a variety of sizes, but this convenience does come at a bit of a price, anywhere from $300 to $400. The fuel cells run about $7 and are good for approximately 1,200 nails.