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Closing Up the Walls: High-Textured Ceilings

As the Home IQ team follows the Oberg Familiy in their home construction process, we find out the high-textured ceilings in the Oberg home were created by hand.

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texturing the ceiling

  • Richard Tucker, drywall installer, explains that the high texture for the Oberg ceilings were achieved by using a texture brush, but the key is to make sure you flatten the bristles properly for the perfect result. You can accomplish this by putting the new brush in very hot water and then quickly put the brush on a flat surface and place a "heavy" weight on top of it. You may have to do this process twice to get the right amount of flatness for the bristles.

  • Next, water is added to the drywall compound (how much is determined by the compound thickness) and mixed thoroughly.

  • The mixed compound is applied to the ceiling edges first because they require the most attention. Then — using a roller — the compound can be applied to the rest of the ceiling.

  • Now it's time to use the textured brush to put the pattern on the ceiling.

  • The final step is to smooth the textured surface, but Richard has to be extra careful that he doesn't dig in too hard or the texture will be removed.