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Closing Up the Walls: Barrel-Vault Ceiling Challenge

DIY's Home IQ team follows the Obergs' home construction process as the drywall hangers deal with the barrel-vault ceiling in the great room.

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barrel vault ceiling drywall challenge

Architectural details, such as an arched window, require extra attention when drywalling a regular home. But for the granddaddy of extra attention when it comes to drywalling, the barrel-vault ceiling in the Oberg home is a true challenge.

This is the first time our crew has tried to install such a complex system, so they meet with a representative (Rebecca Silva) of the manufacturer (USG Building Systems) for a tutorial.

  • To begin, chalk lines are made as guides and the support tracks are run around the room along these lines.

  • Cross tracks are assembled on the floor, clipped to length and raised into position. The system of tracks resembles the wood framing of a wall, with evenly spaced supports running the length of the length of the room.

  • The tracks are supported by wire and strengthened with cross T's that hold the load and stabilize the ceiling.

    While the installers are busy working on the barrel-vault ceiling, Brad (homeowner) takes a walk through the rest of the house to check out the few areas that haven't been drywalled yet due to special circumstances. For example, in the master bathroom Durock®, a water-resistant cement board, is used for it's water-resistant powers instead of regular drywall. Since tiles will be attached to this product, the tile installer puts it in.

    With the track system on the barrel-vault ceiling completed, it's time to hang the drywall. The process is basically the same as before, except the boards are "carefully" bent into place.