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DIY Kids Crafts

Paper and Straw Airplanes

Kid's crafts and toys

Teach them to build a flyer then watch their faces light up as it soars through the air.

The Simplest Toys Are the Best

Cupcake-Liner Flowers

Paper flower crafts

Brighten the day with a beautiful bouquet.

Easy Paper Craft

Kids' Bedroom Decor

Children's artwork display

Fill the walls with their artwork. Print, paint and hang silhouettes.

Animal Paintings

Spark Their Creativity and Imagination

Display Artwork, Photos, Postcards, Etc.

photo displays and message boards

Find unique ways for kids to showcase their mementos and creativity.

Kids Crafts for the Kitchen

Plant an Herb Garden ...

kitchen herb garden

... in a recycled fruit crate.

Potato Stamper

how to make an ink stamper

Paint + spuds = art project

Coffee-Filter Carnations

how to make paper flowers

Make a gift for Grandma.


Gardening Projects For Kids

Kids gardening projects

Teach kids the art of growing. Make planter people, bird treats, fairy gardens and more.

Watch 'Em Grow

Clothing + Toy Storage

Kids' closets and storage has ideas on how to create versatile storage that will grow with your child.

Closets, Cubbies + Armoires