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Halloween Decorations: How to Make Old-Looking Styrofoam Tombstones

Learn how to make gravestones for your haunted Halloween house. Then apply fake mud and faux moss to add texture and age to the decorations.


  • drywall compound
  • latex paint
  • acrylic craft paints
  • craft glue
  • metallic spray paint
  • garden statuary prop
  • cutout Styrofoam tombstone
  • carbon paper
  • Monster mud


  • sponge
  • latex gloves
  • cheesecloth
  • pattern or template
  • container
  • permanent marker
  • spoon
  • paintbrushes
  • bowl
  • drill/driver with mixing attachment
  • ball-point pen
  • wood-burning tools or soldering tool
  • serrated knife