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DIY Kids Games, Projects & Playrooms

New Toys From Old Furniture

For Little Builders

upcycle old furniture into toys

Reclaimed shelf workbench

For the budding artist

Make a kids activity table

Upcycled table activity center

For a chef in the making

repurpose an old entertainment center into a toy kitchen

Reimagined TV unit kitchen

Backyard Escapes

Every gang of little rascals deserves a cool clubhouse.

How to make a really cool tree fort that hangs from a tree

Fun + Games (That You Don't Have to Plug In)

Get Creative on Walls ...

Make a felt activity wall for kids

... without getting in trouble.

Build a Play Stage ...

Build a playform stage for kids

... for your favorite rock star.

Transform Boxes Into ...

Use cardboard boxes and paper towel tubes to make toys

... castles, trains and rockets.

Pool Deck

Turn a store-bought wading pool into a fun family hangout.

The Dog Will Love It Too

backyard deck and pool

Kid-Sized Coat Rack

make a kids hat rack out of wood blocks

Encourage good habits with this cute and clever project made from classic wood blocks.

Colorful Wall Murals

painting a wall mural in a kid's bedroom

Whether hiring or DIYing, find out what you need to know to create a theme or scene.


Simple Sewing + Fabric Crafts

t-shirt dress and no-sew and easy sewing projects

Create clothes, accessories and home decor for just pennies.

Easy-Sew + No-Sew Projects

Kids' Arts + Crafts

paper flowers and other arts and craft project for kids

Keep them busy with awesome art projects, easy-to-make toys and fun crafts.

For Rainy Days or Any Days

Homemade Cleaning Solutions

How to make natural cleaning products that are not harmful

Use pantry items and simple ingredients to make chemical-free cleansers.

All-Natural + Cheap

Made + Remade

Cute boy playing with paper airplane

DIY experts share their skills, tips and tricks for making life simpler and saving money.

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