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Duo Discards Dated Kitchen Like the Pros for a Chance to Win Cash

Episode HPFG-412FH

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  • December 16, 2014

    7:30 AM e/p

Host Chris Grundy challenges a married couple, Scott and Ayiko Matthews, to remodel their pink and black kitchen like the pros for a chance to win cash. Chris brings in guest judges to inspect the new space and estimate the cost of the renovation. If the expert estimate is more than what was actually spent on the project, Scott and Ayiko win the difference in cold, hard cash!! The couples hate their kitchen. It's an ugly mess of outdated salmon-colored tile and black appliances. Ayiko hates it so much she stopped cooking in it ages ago. But now they want to do away with this dated space so Scott is ready to dig in and give Ayiko the kitchen she's been waiting for. And knowing Ayiko, that will be a tall order. She wants everything a certain way and is not afraid to fight tooth and nail to get it. She insists on taking the lead, so much so that their usual pattern of communication is an argument. Can these two make peace - and a perfect kitchen?


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