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A Father, With the Help of One of His Good Buddies, Guts His Kitchen Like the Pros for a Chance to Win Cash

Episode HPFG-410FH

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  • December 02, 2014

    7:30 AM e/p

Host Chris Grundy challenges married couple and parents of three young sons, Dennis and Shelly Sliney, to gut and remodel the kitchen of their home like the pros for a chance to win cash. Chris brings in guest judges, general contractors Guy Hazan and Scott Cross, to inspect the new space and estimate the cost of the renovation. If the expert estimate is more than what was actually spent on the project, Dennis and Shelly win the difference in cold, hard cash!! Dennis and Shelly have lived in their house for the better part of a decade, and have raised their three young sons in it. However, the kitchen hasn't seen any improvements since they moved in, and they are ready to have a decent kitchen in which they can cook and entertain. Dennis has done some remodeling in the past, but he's unsure of his skills since he hasn't tackled an entire kitchen before. He is also meticulous to a fault, and won't hesitate to dwell on details to make sure they are exactly right. Unfortunately, with a tight deadline, he doesn't have time to do any dwelling on details, so Shelly's got her hands full trying to keep him on schedule. Their good friend, Charlie Tachdjian agrees to lend a hand throughout the renovation, but will it be enough to bring in a Pro Grade kitchen on time?


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