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How To Make Everyday Bathroom Repairs

7 Bathroom Solutions

Find quick fixes for the most common problems with toilets, sinks and tubs.

7 Bathroom Solutions

Install a Graywater System

Systems Come in Kit Form

Save money on your water bill by using graywater for landscaping and non-potable uses.

Systems Come in Kit Form

Do You Have Hard Water?

See the Next Steps for Treating Your Water Supply

Minerals in water can damage fixtures and pipes. We'll show you how to test and what to do next.

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BATHtastic! Makeovers

    • Felton, CA fixer-upper, We live in South Felton, which is in the Santa Cruz Mountains. A popular tourist destination, there are amazing redwood forests around us and not more than 15 minutes to beaches with world class surfers. Felton is a quaint quiet town set up in the forests above the Monterey Bay in Santa Cruz County., Other Regions

      Felton, CA

    • Davidson, College town just north of Charlotte,NC in the Lake Norman area.  Small town that has maintained a "small town" feel.  Davidson college is just. A few miles from us.  People walk downtown and there is always some type of community event happening on the green., South


    • Verona, Friendly older community, East Coast


    • Portlandia, An up and coming neighborhood in the NE part of Portland Oregon. Yes, it's really like you see on TV. This part of town has a very diverse population mostly low to middle class working families. This particular neighborhood is rife with pot holes and unpaved streets., Pacific NW


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    • We live in Orangecrest Community in Riverside, CA, We are actually moving to Orangecrest this Saturday 9-22-14.  It's a really cool little community.  It has all grade level schools within walking distance, parks in walking distance.  Lots of young families (we have a 2year old daughter and another on the way).  It has it's own Little Leagues etc., Other Regions

      We live in

    • Hazlet, East Coast


    • Brighton Pk, Chicago, IL., Neighborhood southwest of The Loop. Houses built around here were erected in the 30's and 40's. Great for rehabbing., Midwest

      Brighton Pk,
      Chicago, I...

    • Carmel-by-the-Sea, Carmel-by-the Sea is considered by Conde Nast to be one of the most beautiful and romantic locations in the world.  Located on the Big Sur/Central coast of California, Carmel is a tiny "village in a forest", but with great restaurants, shopping and epic views!  No street lights, traffic lights or house numbers in this town.  And wearing high heels will get you a ticket, according to local town laws!

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      TAHOE, C...

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1-10 of 15 Plumbing Videos

  1. Water Filter

    Water Filter (04:51)

    Installing a water filter with DIY's Ed Del Grande.

  2. PVC Tubing 101

    PVC Tubing 101 (03:34)

    PVC Tubing 101 from the experts at Plumbing Basics.

  3. Copper Pipe

    Copper Pipe (03:51)

    Everything you need to know about copper pipe from Plumbing Basics.

  4. Sheltering Exterior Pipes

    Sheltering Exterior Pipes (00:02:01)

    Watch this piece to learn how to keep exterior pipes from freezing.

  5. Plumbing Pipeline Inspection

    Plumbing Pipeline Inspection (00:01:20)

    A few troubleshooting tips for home plumbing and water-line maintenance.

  6. Fast Fix in the Kitchen

    Fast Fix in the Kitchen (04:49)

    Tips and tricks for installing a new garbage disposal and faucet.

  7. Replacing an Old Showerhead

    Replacing an Old Showerhead (01:26)

    Nathan Haun shows you the tricks to changing out a showerhead.

  8. Essential Plumbing Kit

    Essential Plumbing Kit (06:42)

    Design a basic tool kit for plumbing problems around your home.

  9. Propane Torch Projects

    Propane Torch Projects (04:44)

    Find out everything you need to know to solder a copper pipe like a pro.

  10. Replacing a Bathroom Toilet

    Replacing a Bathroom Toilet (08:16)

    Learn how to replace a toilet with a new water-saver model.

1-10 of 10 Sinks & Faucets Videos

  1. Faucet Fix

    Faucet Fix (02:18)

    DIY expert Brad Staggs shows how to clean a kitchen sink faucet sprayer.

  2. Replacing Worn Gaskets

    Replacing Worn Gaskets (00:01:21)

    Replacing worn gaskets to fix leaky faucets is today's topic of discussion.

  3. Washers and O-Rings

    Washers and O-Rings (00:02:36)

    Using inexpensive washers and O-rings can put an end to leaky faucets.

  4. Leaky Faucet Overview

    Leaky Faucet Overview (00:01:22)

    Here are 10 basic things you should know about leaky faucets.

  5. How to Fix a Leaky Faucet

    How to Fix a Leaky Faucet (00:00:24)

    You can repair a leaky faucet without having to call a plumber!

  6. Easy Kitchen Sink Installation

    Easy Kitchen Sink Installation (01:03)

    You can do it! Master plumber Ed Del Grande tells you how.

  7. Easy Pedestal Sink Install

    Easy Pedestal Sink Install (01:05)

    From start to finish, find out how to install a pedestal sink.

  8. New Bathroom Sink Designs

    New Bathroom Sink Designs (01:56)

    Try some makeover magic by updating your bathroom with a new sink.

  9. Faucet Installation Basics

    Faucet Installation Basics (09:02)

    Find out how to repair or install a new faucet in the bathroom or kitchen.

  10. Stylish Pedestal Sink Update

    Stylish Pedestal Sink Update (03:57)

    Completely update a vintage bath with a stylish pedestal sink & fixtures.