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Ways to Weed

In a vegetable garden, weeds are definitely plants in the wrong place, competing with crops for water, nutrients and light, as well as harboring pests and diseases that could spread to crops.

Excerpted from Simple Steps: Vegetable Gardening

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Use Garden Fork to Uproot Every Weed Fragment
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Weed Control

Regular weeding should have all but the wildest sites under control surprisingly quickly and, after a few years, maintenance should be easy. Tackling the work in small sections can help to make it more manageable, too.

Gardeners who prefer not to use chemical herbicides quickly become skilled at weeding with a fork and hoe. The hoe is ideal for clearing larger areas of annual weed seedlings, while a fork is best for uprooting every fragment of pernicious perennial weeds. A hand fork is useful for weeding in between crops.



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