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Tips on Growing Big Colorful Flowers

Master gardener Maureen Gilmer, host of Weekend Gardening, shares her secrets to growing great flowers.

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tetraploid daylilies have rich colorful flowers
Photo 3 of 4The tetraploid daylilies have introduced richer multicolored flowers. (Photo courtesy of Maureen Gilmer)

Tetraploid Daylilies (3 of 4)

Daylily breeding exploded early in the 20th century. Since then tens of thousands of named varieties were developed. Every year more are being introduced, including the exotic tetraploid types that feature truly complex flower colors. The tendency is for newbies to select the common yellow and orange, but if you buy online or from a daylily grower, you'll be able to sample the hot pinks, coral, lavender and purples. To access any of the gazillion daylily growers online, log on to to start shopping and studying.

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