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Tips on Growing Big Colorful Flowers

Master gardener Maureen Gilmer, host of Weekend Gardening, shares her secrets to growing great flowers.

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vivid blue starburst agapanthus has dense foliage
Photo 2 of 4Vivid blue starburst agapanthus produce big dense clusters of foliage. (Photo courtesy of Maureen Gilmer)

Starburst Agapanthus(2 of 4)

Standard blue "Agapanthus africanus" is the more frost tender, hardy to Zone 8, which does not drop below 10 degrees in the winter. It is a native of South Africa and can survive considerable heat and drought. However, there are two exceptionally hardy hybrid forms that include the 'Headbourne Hybrids' and a variety called 'Midknight Blue.' These will stand winters to Zone 6, which is minus 10 degrees below zero, allowing the vivid Agapanthus blue to extend much further north. In addition, these last two are darker blue in color than the species.

The daylilies enjoy an even wider range of climate tolerance, which makes them a bit trickier to buy. The majority are hardy to Zone 4, which is to 30 degrees below zero. But you'll find individuals that won't survive below Zone 5 or 6, so it pays to check the labels and buy from a reputable grower. Certain daylilies termed "evergreen" are only hardy to Zone 7.

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