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Tips for Creating an Herb Garden

Many people love not only how fresh herbs taste, but also the way they look and smell in the garden. Learn how to use herbs to create a garden that looks great year round, even when it's not full of summer herbs.

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lavender is a popular herb
Photo 5 of 6Lavender is another popular herb.

Lavender (5 of 6)

There are many types of lavender, all of which can be sensitive to ground temperatures and the amount to moisture they get. Be sure to choose one that grows in your zone. Lavender forms a low-growing hedge that's full of purple flowers and fragrant branches in the spring and summer. Lavender is dried to use in soaps, perfumes and cooking. The flower heads are sold by weight; since they can be very pricey, growing your own is an inexpensive way to have a steady supply of this fragrant herb.

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