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Tips for Creating an Herb Garden

Many people love not only how fresh herbs taste, but also the way they look and smell in the garden. Learn how to use herbs to create a garden that looks great year round, even when it's not full of summer herbs.

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use tiller to work amendments into soil
Photo 2 of 6Use a tiller to get the amendments worked into the soil to a depth of 6" to 8".

Garden Design(2 of 6)

Most herb roots get the majority of their nutrients from the top 6" of soil, so it's important to make that layer as rich and loose as you can.
Once the amendments have been worked into the soil, it's time to lay out the garden design. To break up the space and create the look of a low green wall, add some foundation plants. This will accomplish several things: First, it will help balance out any hard lines from walls or fences; second, it will give the area the look of an outdoor room; and third, it will give the garden some structure in the winter when the herbs die back.

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