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Tips for Creating an Herb Garden

Many people love not only how fresh herbs taste, but also the way they look and smell in the garden. Learn how to use herbs to create a garden that looks great year round, even when it's not full of summer herbs.

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most herbs need sandy, dry, fertile soil
Photo 1 of 6Herb gardens have been around for a long time, especially in the Mediterranean region.

Herb Garden Conditions(1 of 6)

Most herbs need sandy, dry, fertile soil (the type found in Italy, Greece and France); the type of soil available to you will affect the soil amendments you choose. Herbs don't like to have wet roots: they need good drainage, so the clay soil Joe will be working with will need lots of help.
If you have clay soil in your garden, you can add bags of compost, soil conditioner and contractor's sand to make it drain better. The compost will add the organic material the plants need for food; the sand and the soil conditioner will break up the clay just enough to let water drain away from the plant roots a bit more quickly.

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