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The Right Way to Plant a Tree

Healthy roots and cultivating the surrounding soil are keys to success in planting a new tree.

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a common mistake is over staking trees
Photo 6 of 7If your tree came tied to a nursery stake, remove the stake.

Remove the Stakes(6 of 7)

Another common mistake, according to Beeler, is over-staking trees. If your tree is sturdy enough to hold itself upright, do not re-stake it. If the tree needs help to stand upright, use two stakes and ties. Place the stakes on opposite sides of the tree, planted outside the area you just cultivated, approximately 18 inches from the trunk. Place tree tape loosely around the trunk and attached to the stakes with ties. The ties should be loose enough to allow the tree to move back and forth slightly in high wind.
Backfill the hole with the soil you removed. Discard any grass and weeds from the soil. Do not add soil amendments.

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  • Gabe Beeler
    Board-Certified Master Arborist
    Fallen Leaf Tree Service