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The Right Way to Plant a Tree

Healthy roots and cultivating the surrounding soil are keys to success in planting a new tree.

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planting a tree pedestal style
Photo 3 of 7Here are the basics steps for planting your tree "pedestal style" as shown in the demonstration.

Planting Technique (3 of 7)

Before you dig, make sure that the spot you've chosen for your tree does not have any underground lines that would endanger you while planting.
A common mistake when planting a tree is to simply dig a large hole and add amended soil into the hole. This tends to cause a "container effect" on the tree's roots as they grow to the edge of the amended soil then begin girdling around the perimeter of the space. This can ultimately lead to the tree falling over in a high wind because the tree hasn't been able to properly anchor itself with its roots. A better technique is to break up or cultivate the soil in a circular area around the location where the tree is to be planted. First, dig a whole that's the depth and diameter of the plant's container. Remove and discard grass and weeds from the planting site. Then break up and the soil around the hole so that it's loose.

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  • Gabe Beeler
    Board-Certified Master Arborist
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