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The Right Way to Plant a Tree

Healthy roots and cultivating the surrounding soil are keys to success in planting a new tree.

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a tree is a long term investment
Photo 2 of 7Do some homework and pick the right tree for the location you've selected.

Tree Selection (2 of 7)

The type of tree you choose should be based on the attributes of the location and what functions you want the tree to serve. Remember that a tree is a long-term investment. Consider these factors before you plant:
When selecting a tree at the nursery, here are some things to look for:
Does the tree have desirable branch angles?
Are there dead or dormant branches?
Is the sapling the appropriate size for the container it's in?
Is the tree root-bound? Carefully remove the tree from its container (or ask your nurseryman to help you) and check the condition of the roots. Look for evidence of "girdling." Roots circling around the perimeter of the container, surrounding the trunk, can eventually choke and kill the tree.
Location for Planting
Plant the right tree in the right location to save yourself unforeseen trouble down the road. Trees grow large--up and out. Know your needs. Are you planting near the driveway, pool or another tree? All are important considerations since trees shed leaves, branches, fruit or seeds, etc. Root invasion (such as into underground pipes) can cause costly damage to your property and shorten the life of a tree.

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