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A master gardener offers suggestions on different kinds of garden containers.

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colanders have great drainage
Photo 1 of 6Colanders are perfect because they have such great drainage. There are holes all around them and they are even lifted up off the counter.

Colander planter(1 of 6)

Which containers do you use indoors? Lots of people use a kitchen windowsill to display plants, so I like to look through the kitchen for inspiration. Pack some sphagnum moss around the inside to hold the soil and then fill it up. Teapots are another fun option. You'll have to work a little to make them work as a container, though. Drill some holes in the bottom so the water will drain out, then set it on a tray filled with gravel. Herbs are a perfect plant choice for these containers too. Next time you're in the kitchen cooking, they'll be right within reach.

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