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Summerwine Ninebark and Other Plant Varieties

Find out about 17 plant varieties and how to care for them in specific zones.

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Terra Cotta Yarrow(5 of 17)

Gardener's Note of Interest: The generic name Achillea was chosen in honor of Achilles, the Greek hero of the Trojan War in Homer's Iliad, who used yarrow to treat his soldiers' war wounds.

- Spreading upright perennial with finely dissected foliage and brightly colored flowers in summer
- Plant in full sun; divide in spring every few years
- Plant in average to poor, well-drained soil
- Height: 18-24 inches
- Width: 18-24 inches, spreading
- Hardy in zones 3-9:

Zones 3-5: Plant in spring to prevent winter heaving; plant in full sun; mulch after first hard frost; avoid contact with salt; pull back mulch in spring.

Zones 6-9: Plant in spring; plant in full sun; mulch in fall; pull back mulch in spring.

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