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Springtime Planting

Learn about several plant varieties and the planting information for each zone.

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Gable Azaleas Rhododendron (14 of 14)

Roots grow near the surface. Plant no more than 12 inches deep
Deep planting keeps the roots from getting the air they need.
Grow 2 to 4 feet tall in four to six years and have 1-inch shiny leaves
bear great numbers of 2-inch blossoms in the spring.
keep the roots cool and moist with a permanent 2- to 3-inch mulch of wood chips, oak leaves, chunky peat moss or other light organic material.
Do not stimulate fast growth because it produces long weak stems and few flowers.
For maximum flower production, pinch off faded flowers or the seed capsules that follow.
Hardy to Zone 7
Zone 1-7: Best planted in early spring when the soil is no longer frozen or early fall when the plant is dormant and not stressed. Plant in partial sun; plant in moist-well-drained soil. Protect from frost and avoid contact with salt.