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Spring Colors for the Garden

Paul James, host of HGTV's Gardening by the Yard, shares a list of some of his favorite spring-blooming plants.

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a favorite among blooming trees is the dogwood
Photo 7 of 7The dogwood is a favorite among spring-blooming trees.

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Among spring-blooming trees, a favorite is the dogwood . Dogwoods prefer afternoon shade even in the North, although well-established trees may survive full sun without too much tip burn. In the United States some of the most widely planted spring bloomers are redbud and crabapple trees. Redbuds produce pink, purplish-red or white flowers and can reach a height of about 30'. Crabapples are popular because of their beautiful flowers and fruit, and many of today's varieties require very little special attention or spraying to prevent disease. Tip: To get the most "bang for the buck," choose the flower variety you want and then buy the biggest of that type of bulb you can afford. If you're buying tulips, look for the largest bulbs that also have a good papery coating, and no black spots.