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Smart Plant and Tree Choices for an Allergy-Friendly Garden

Being allergy-sensitive doesn't mean you can't have a beautiful garden. Here are numerous candidates that people who are vulnerable to pollen can enjoy.

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Small Deciduous Trees

Horticulturist and writer Lindsay Bond Totten says "redbud [pictured], hawthorn, fringetree and dogwood are among the best small deciduous trees for allergy sufferers. Others include crabapple, golden-rain tree, dawn redwood and flowering pear." She also suggests flowering shrubs such as shrub dogwoods, cotoneaster, deutzia, rose-of-Sharon, flowering quince, bluemist shrub and butterfly bush. Bond Totten adds "Believe it or not, roses make the non-allergenic list — just don't stick your nose right into the center of open blossoms."



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