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Learn about several plant varieties and the planting information for each zone.

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trinettes arboricola is a tender evergreen shrub
Photo 6 of 6Tender evergreen shrub grown for its shiny palmate-shaped variegated green/gold leaves.

Trinettes Arboricola (6 of 6)

Plant in average to rich, moist garden soil that is well-drained.
Plant in sun to partial shade; moderate salt tolerance.
Height: 10-15 feet
Width: 4-6 feet
Annual or houseplant in zones 2-8
Hardy in USDA zones 9-11:
Zones 2-8: Plant or place outside in spring after danger of frost has passed; water freely during growing season; bring indoors when outdoor temperatures drop below 55 degrees.
Zones 9-11: Plant in spring; water freely during growing season; fertilize in the spring.