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Remodeling Guide: Decking

How to choose the material for your style and budget

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Photo 5 of 6Stone tiles are available in a variety of colors.

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Description Granite, quartz, sandstone, slate, or pressed concrete tiles arranged on a composite grid -- without grout -- that attaches to the deck platform.

Options Stone tiles come in mottled sea, sand, pink, and charcoal shades. Concrete ones are available in a rainbow of muted hues and may be smooth or imprinted with designs.

Pros Splitting and chipping from temperature swings is unlikely with tiles installed without grout. The modular pieces can be replaced if one cracks.

Cons Stone is costly.

Care Blot -- don't wipe -- spills immediately to prevent spreading and setting. Apply a sealer (try TileLab SurfaceGard Penetrating Sealer, $20; hardware stores) every three to five years.

Cost $7 per square foot for concrete; $15 to $22 for stone.

Shown Above Multicolor Slate and Quartz. $16-$18/square foot. StoneDeck,

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