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Plants and Zones

Here's a list of 12 plant varieties and their ideal situation for specific zones.

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Mexican Petunia(8 of 12)

Note: This is plant has been labeled an invasive species in some states.

- Upright tender perennial with narrow leaves and light pink flowers in summer.
- Plant in full sun to partial shade; invasive weed in warmer climates.
- Plant in moist well-drained soil.
- Height: 3-4 feet
- Width: 3-4 feet
- Grown as an annual in zones 2-7
- Hardy in USDA zones 8-11

Zones 2-7: Plant in spring after danger of frost has passed; plant in full sun; remove after first killing frost.

Zones 8-11: Plant in spring; plant in full sun to partial shade; mulch to conserve moisture; prune back in late winter; deadhead to prevent seeding.

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