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Plants and Zones

Here's a list of 12 plant varieties and their ideal situation for specific zones.

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Golden Dewdrop(5 of 12)

- Tender, sprawling evergreen shrub known for its bluish-purple tubular flowers and bright golden berries.
- Plant in moist, but well-drained soil; do not allow soil to dry completely.
- Fertilize monthly during growing season.
- Plant in full sun to partial shade.
- Height: 10-15 feet
- Width: 8-10 feet
- Patio or Houseplant in zones 2-7
- Hardy in USDA zones (8) 9-11

Zones 2-7: Container grow plant and keep indoors or in heated greenhouse; move outside when temperatures remain above 55 degrees; place by bright window with high humidity or mist daily during cold weather.

Zones 8: Plant outdoors in spring; plant in full sun; keep moist during the growing season and fertilize regularly; mulch heavily in fall; may die back to the ground in winter and re-sprout in the spring.

Zones 9-11: Plant in spring in full sun to partial shade; mulch to conserve moisture; do not allow soil to dry completely; water moderately during winter months; prune in early spring, if needed.

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