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Here's a list of 12 plant varieties and their ideal situation for specific zones.

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Honeybell Tree(3 of 12)

- Hybrid, citrus tree combines the delicate, tart taste of juicy grapefruit with the sweetness of tangerine.
- Grown primarily in the Indian River area of Florida, there are very few of these hybrid trees, making the fruit quite rare.
- Called a "Honeybell" because of the shape.
- Fruit is juicy, sweet and as easy to peel as a banana.
- Bears fruit from late January to May.
- Height 10-15 feet
- Hardy in USDA zones 8-11

Zones 8-11: Plant in well-drained soil. Test soil for good drainage. Water when dry.

It has delicious medium thick skin that is rich and flavorful, very aromatic and extremely juicy reddish orange flesh. The Dwarf shrubs grow 6'-8', and the Standard trees grow 15' by 10'.

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