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Planting Bulbs for Summer Bloom

Plant these beauties in spring to brighten a summer garden.

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begin watering when green shoots appear
Photo 7 of 7Bulbs love soil that will hold some water, but not too much water.

Bulbs and Soil (7 of 7)

Clay soils will typically kill the flower bulbs. Sandy soils are equally deadly as they drain water away too quickly. The ideal soil will hold its shape when squeezed into a ball but will break apart when gently poked with your finger.
Post-Planting Care
Bulbs like their soil kept moist while they are actively growing and reasonably dry while they are dormant. Begin watering when green shoots appear and stop when foliage starts to yellow after flowering. Follow the planting guidelines for the flower variety for feeding and fertilizing.
Problems and Troubleshooting
Some reasons for poor flowering the first year could be the following: bulbs were planted too shallow; planted too late in the season; bulbs selected were not hardy for the region; bulbs were disturbed by animals--moles, squirrels, chipmunks, mice, etc.; bulbs rotted.
Rotting of bulbs is typically caused by using fertilizers excessively high in nitrogen or fresh manure, overly wet soil conditions, or because bulbs were of poor quality, bruised or cut.