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Tickseed (12 of 13)

Plant in full sun in well-drained soil; drought tolerant
Fertilize in spring
Height: to 16 inches; Width: to 30 inches, slowly spreading
Annual perhaps due to winter moisture in zones 2-7
Short-lived perennial in USDA zones (8)9-11: Although the straight species and several cultivars of this (i.e. Zagreb) are reliably perennial, both 'Limerock Passion' and 'Limerock Ruby' have been found to be annuals in many zones and short-lived perennials at best in zones 8 and above.
Zones 2-7: Plant in spring after danger of frost has passed; sheer back after flowering to encourage re-blooming.
Zone 8-11: Plant in spring; sheer back after blooming to encourage re-blooming; mulch in fall to increase chances of winter survival; avoid excessive moisture during winter.

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