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Thinking of building a play area where the kids can run, swing, slide, climb, hang, hide and jump? Get a head start with these 15 ideas designed to inspire.

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Magic Treehouse(7 of 14)

This is a treehouse made for kids who love to climb.

Nestled into a small grove of redwoods, you climb aboard using rungs that are attached to a sapling smack in the middle of the trees.

Alternatively, you could scurry up the rock climbing wall. But don't worry, an abundance of bouncy wood chips surround the structure in the event of a climbing mishap.

The treehouse, with a wrap-around deck, is situated right across from the deck of the main house so that parents can keep an eye on the kids. What's more, a pulley bucket attached to the treehouse deck allows mom to send an emergency snack any time.

The forest color pallette for the Magic Treehouse was expressly selected to complement the Redwood grove and adorn the woodsy yard.

Play Like a Kid, Plan Like a Parent
CHOOSING A TREE: When selecting a tree, make a good long assessment of the candidates in your yard. You'll be looking for a healthy tree with adequate branch thickness. Consider the current age and the future growth of the tree. Determine whether it is flexible enough to tolerate movement. How well does it do in a wind storm? Are you in a high lightening area?

Don't just look up. Check for signs of diseased roots, and inspect the trunk for decay.

It's a good idea to bring in an arborist for a professional assessment of the vigor of your tree. If the tree shows signs of disease, decay, limited trunk girth or too few branches, move on.

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