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Thinking of building a play area where the kids can run, swing, slide, climb, hang, hide and jump? Get a head start with these 15 ideas designed to inspire.

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Log Cabin(4 of 14)

Not just an authentic miniature of that pioneer-era staple, but this log cabin is built to weather the elements.

Made with hand-hewn logs, the cabin has a waterproof cedar shingle roof, which helps extend the seasonal use. The logs are stained and the little extras, such as the heart-shaped openings on the shutter windows, make this a cozy cabin indeed.

Play Like a Kid, Plan Like a Parent
CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL: Depending on the structures, you may opt for wood, metal or plastic materials. Regardless, make sure they will hold up to the rigors of heavy-duty activity and weather.

A metal swing set, for example, will last longer if painted or made of galvanized materials.

For wood equipment, use rot- and insect-resistant lumber. Don't use creosote-treated materials that contain pesticides. And remember, lumber that has been pressure-treated with chromated copper arsenate (CCA) contains arsenic and has been banned for residential use since 2004.

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