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Thinking of building a play area where the kids can run, swing, slide, climb, hang, hide and jump? Get a head start with these 15 ideas designed to inspire.

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Tree Perch(13 of 14)

With a sturdy ladder and an opening to hop onto a zip line, this platform is actually part of a bigger play area.

It's the zip line that provides the thrills and whisks you over to the rest of the fun.

The open treehouse platform is perched high enough to ensure an exciting ride on the zip line's comfortable big ball seat.

It may take a little practice to get used to passing the ball back to its starting point, but kids quickly learn the ropes, so to speak.

Details are important when you are designing with play in mind, and don't underestimate the importance of a good color palatte.

In this case, the bold reds, oranges and greens were hardly a random selection. Those colors were chosen to complement the changing autumn leaves and enhance this backyard's overall theme. A good choice, wouldn't you agree?

Play Like a Kid, Plan Like a Parent
TREEHOUSE DESIGN: Here's your opportunity to be as whimsical as you wish — no need to adhere to design convention, though you certainly will have to follow engineering and construction convention if you want a strong, safe and solid structure.

Plan ahead so you can relax later.

The higher your treehouse, the better the view and the greater the sense of freedom. But be practical. Safety comes first, especially if the main occupants are going to be children. Five feet is fine; 10 is plenty for a kids' treehouse.

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