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Thinking of building a play area where the kids can run, swing, slide, climb, hang, hide and jump? Get a head start with these 15 ideas designed to inspire.

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Tudor Playhouse(10 of 14)

The "Teddy Bear Tudor" was inspired by the picturesque cottages of the Cotswolds, a one-time sheep farming region in the British countryside known for its gentle hills and quaint villages.

Beautifully detailed, this tiny Tudor is made of brick and stone walls, criss-cross trim and a real thatched roof. It is quite a garden site, with its window boxes and a cobblestone walkway leading to the front door.

Play Like a Kid, Plan Like a Parent
RESOURCES: The Outdoor Home Playground Safety Handbook, produced by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, provides excellent tips for building and maintaining play areas that are injury-free.

ASTM International, previously known as the American Society for Testing and Materials, provides consumer safety performance specifications for playground equipment.

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