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Pearl Fryar's Topiary Garden: A Cut Above Average

This self-taught topiary artist has created more than a collection of living sculptures. DIY Network takes you through the landscaping in this topiary garden.

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Photo 7 of 12Pearl isn't afraid to jump right in and begin making something new," says Tom Stanley, chairman of the fine arts department at Winthrop University.

A Feel-Good Garden(7 of 12)

Visitors to Pearl's garden often speak not of the topiaries themselves but of the sense of peace they feel in the garden. "You can just feel some kind of spirit within it. He's not doing this for show but it's something within," says one.
Says Pearl, "I don't think you can substitute the physical side of life for the spiritual side of life. We can call it whatever we want, but that belief in something bigger than I am makes life interesting to live."

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